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Lease Agreements

Each different type of lease agreement comes with its own set of considerations that you will want to be familiar with.  If this is the first time you will be leasing a certain type of property, you will want to work with someone you trust to have the terms and conditions defined and outlined for you before you make your final decision.  Leases are legal agreements for rental of real property and may contain words and verbage that have a specific meaning which you will need to understand.  Once signed, you will be legally bound to the contract terms.

While a lease agreement may look straight forward and basic, most agreements have many components that may, upon review, cause the person leasing the property to have questions.  The agreement itself can be more technical than it first appears and require the leasing party to perform specific tasks within a given time frame, or even restrict certain activities during the leasing period. 

Depending on the type of lease (ground, office, retail, commercial or apartment or home rental) you will need to be sure you will be permitted to use the property for what you had planned.  We suggest that you have a professional attorney, familiar with the type of lease, review the document before you sign it.  There may be an opportunity to modify the agreement to be something more in line with what your needs are while still fulfilling the expectations of the owner.