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Liens: Drafting, Recording and Enforcing

Your attorney is a natural place to turn if you need a lien recorded or want to foreclose on a property.  Businesses, as well as individuals, may need the professional services of an attorney to be sure lien and foreclosure paperwork is prepared and filed properly and all legal options are utilized.  This allows you to relax and focus your time on your personal or business goals rather than making visits to the courthouse and spending time following up.

A lien should be placed on property when a debt is left unpaid.  The placement of a lien can be critical to helping resolve disputes even when you feel you have taken all other available action.  Some liens remain on a property for years but when that property is finally sold, the debt owed to you will be paid upon that sale.  Having your attorney involved will insure that any imposed time limitations are dealt with correctly and you can trust that you will not be overlooked when that possible payment option comes up.

Different states may have specific time limitations for recording, as well as rules that need to be honored to place a valid lien.  Foreclosures may also be time sensitive, depending on the state where the property is located, and having an attorney prepare the needed documents and follow up allows you to know a professional will take good care of your interests.