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Outside Investors (Securities, Angels, Preferred, Series, etc.)

If you are seeking an outside investor, working with an attorney can help you achieve your goals and provide peace of mind in getting through the difficult challenges of structuring a transaction that can help your business move forward.  Changes that come with taking on a business investor may affect you both personally as well as professionally, including tax consequences, and there will be many issues that should be carefully considered. 

Since business opportunities are growing and changing so quickly, the financial climate has provided many opportunities for those looking to invest in businesses.  There may be programs and funds available that will require applications and detailed projections on your part.  Funding options may look attractive but require specific actions, have complicated terms and conditions that are hard to understand and even change the control or operation of your business.

Whether you are considering expanding services or are looking at restructuring current operational protocols to be more profitable, you will find that working closely with an attorney can help you see and understand both red flags and great opportunities.  Finding an attorney who will spend the time to understand your needs and goals and help you make the best decisions when it comes to choosing a method to gain additional capital is essential.