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Trustee Services

A trustee is a person or firm that will administer the trust, property or assets for the benefit of a third party.  You will name a trustee or trustees in setting up a trust and should consider carefully who that will be.

Since a trust will require property and assets to be transferred to the trust, and the trustee will actually manage that trust, choosing someone (or yourself or spouse) will be critical in having your assets used in the way you wish.

If the decision is made to use someone else in the family or an organization such as a bank or law firm to act as a trustee, time and effort should be made to work with them to come to an understanding of what your personal wishes are.  Documents can be drawn up by an attorney to be sure instructions are given and plans made for many different circumstances that may come up.

If you are appointed as a trustee of a trust, it is a strong vote of confidence in your judgment. 

Due to health and financial issues, the person or firm acting as trustee should have a clear understanding, in one in writing, of what will be required of them in administering the trust.  Your attorney can act as a trustee and often provides a clear perspective in helping determine what will happen to both you and your assets as you prepare your estate.